Monday, 30 June 2014


For as long as I can remember, doing something 'like a girl' was pretty much an insult and you are seen as weak and pathetic. Always' fantastic video, which has gone viral, shows an advert representing their campaign on the confidence crisis that is currently affecting millions of young adolescent girls. Instead of showing the ridiculous notion of doing something 'like a girl' they turn the tables and show how awesome it is to do something like a girl because you ARE a girl.

For over 30 years now, Always have been bringing back girls' confidence worldwide and bringing puberty education to millions of adolescent girls which is much needed. "In my work as a documentarian, I have witnessed the confidence crisis among girls and the negative impact of stereotypes first-hand," said Lauren Greenfield, filmmaker and director of the #LikeAGirl video. "When the words 'like a girl' are used to mean something bad, it is profoundly disempowering. I am proud to partner with Always to shed light on how this simple phrase can have a significant and long-lasting impact on girls and women. I am excited to be a part of the movement to redefine 'like a girl' into a positive affirmation."

This advert is amazing because as I said I have heard the term 'like a girl' for years and years now. I never thought anything of it until seeing this.. I wish this was around when I was in my teenage years. Turning 20 in couple of months, I am no longer taking things lying down and I'm standing up for myself and my gender. Yes, my self-confidence or esteem isn't high enough yet for me to feel entirely secure with myself or my body but I am in a hell of a better place than I was 5-6 years ago. So I want to keep this video going viral by passing it around wherever I can because I want young, teenage girls to see this because I wouldn't want them to feel like I did.

So let's redefine the term 'like a girl' and kick ass.

Girl power!

Thankyou for reading.

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