Saturday, 31 May 2014

Film Review: A Million Ways To Die In The West.

File:A Million Ways to Die in the West poster.jpg

A Million Ways to Die in the West is an American western, comedy film produced, written and directed by the hilarious Seth MacFarlane (the creative genius behind TV's Family Guy, American Dad and the box office hit Ted) as well as Alex Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. MacFarlane stars in it himself alongside a star studded cast including Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Silverman.
It is about a a sheep farmer called Albert (Seth MacFarlane) who is rather cowardly and has never fired his gun resulting in his fickle girlfriend, Louise (Amanda Seyfried), leaving for another man, Foy (Neil Patrick Harris), who owns the town's leading moustache emporium. Albert ends up accidentally saving a beautiful woman's life, Anna (Charlize Theron), who helps him find his courage and learn to fight for himself, her husband however, a notorious outlaw called Clinch (Liam Neeson), arrives seeking revenge..

I thought the film was pretty good if we're talking about comedy whereas the storyline was obvious and predictable. Nevertheless Seth MacFarlane had the jokes firing in every scene.. I wouldn't recommend seeing it if you're easily offended, just saying. There are a probably few too many fart and diarrhea gags made but they somehow still keep you laughing all the way through. Although MacFarlane had most of the screen time, Charlize Theron really pulled off the jokes whenever she could which leaves you surprised that she hasn't done more comedy films before. Neil Patrick Harris is fantastic as he is depicted as the horrible girlfriend stealer while sporting an amazing moustache I have to say. His wit and moments in the films are really laugh-out-loud and leave you wanting more from him.

There isn't much to say about the film as aforementioned it is predictable and you're aware of this the minute Theron's character steps onto the scene. But there were some random but fantastic cameos that make you enjoy the film for what it is. I especially two or three!

I have been a fan of Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy and American Dad but this film doesn't quite match up to the outrageously hilarious Ted where MacFarlane voices Mark Wahlberg's fuzzy teddy bear friend. This film is obviously a mixed bag but clearly there is a market in which it'll please. There was a quality cast even if the storyline itself wasn't matching the same standards.. but it's worth watching, even if it's just once!

I'm not sure if this will help warm any MacFarlane haters up to him but the guy knows what he does best and what he does best is make shocking and offensive yet witty films and shows and I doubt that is about to change anytime soon. This film wasn't amazing but I don't think it was ever expected to be but I still remain a fan of him and his work. His raunchy parody won't turn many into fans of him but it shows that he's quite the outrageous quick-draw satirist.

Quote of the Day.

"Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it. This is my personal mantra. Whenever I’m going through a difficult time, like a breakup, and I’m wishing to be the person who could get over it and move on, I tell myself to be that person. Instead of waiting to be inspired by someone else and being jealous that they’re living a life I wish I had, I tell myself not to wait for that moment and to start being the person I want to be."

-Olivia Munn.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

RIP Maya Angelou.

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated."

I am sad to hear that the legendary author and poet, Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86. After battling health problems recently, she was found by her caretaker in Winston-Salem, NC on Wednesday morning.

The author and poet published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, several poetry books and is known for a list of plays, movies and various shows for over 50 years. Dozen of awards and over thirty honorary doctoral degrees are credited to her name.

As well as these major achievements, she also experimented with the music industry. Prior to worldwide fame as an author, in 1957 she released an album of calypso music entitled Miss Calypso. Working with the iconic mind of M*A*S*H and Batman Tommy Tedesco, they got the most out of the Afro-Caribbean genre which was first made popular by Harry Belafonte, making an exotic album for the clubs. She toured around the U.S., visiting different venues and attained mild commercial success. The album is considered to be one of the most significant works for the calypso genre and was reissued on CD in 1995.

They are so worth checking out in memory of Miss Angelou.

And some of her remarkable poetry.

I hope you take a moment and reflect what an amazing woman she was.

Her music, her words, her inspiration.. her legend will continue to live on.

R.I.P <3

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Film Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past.

So I saw the new X-Men film the day it came out and.. it was amazing. It has literally exceeded all of my expectations and surpassed all the previous X-Men films.

But first of all, a bit of background. After directing the first two X-Men films, Bryan Singer is back and completely brings the heroic X-Men franchise back to life after Brett Ratner's less-than-super The Last Stand. The film kick-starts straight away into the action and the big screen's original X-Men favourites are back; Wolverine, Professor X, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Bobby/Iceman, Colossus and their enemy from the past, Magneto. With some new characters involved (Bishop, Warpath, Sunspot and Blink) the audience is quickly engrossed as the narrator explains how they're now living in a dystopian future where their enemies, the Sentinels, are hunting all mutants and imprisoning survivors alongside with humans that help them. The only way to save them all is for the X-Men is to send one of their own back in time telepathically to stop the assassination that started it all.

In the comics,  older Kitty is the one who sends her consciousness into her younger self to warn the others. However in the film, the original argument is that Professor X is the strongest telepath to do it but since he isn't strong enough to handle the long trip back in time the job falls to Wolverine due to his healing abilities. Waking up in 1972 as his younger self, Logan (Wolverine) finds young Xavier (Professor X) aka James McAvoy who is a depressed, hollow shell of a man reflecting on what he's lost, a complete contrast to the intelligent, hopeful man we see in X-Men: First Class. His only company is Beast (Nicholas Hoult) who has created a miracle serum for Xavier's paralysis which also takes away Charles Xavier's psychic powers. However, Xavier is glad of this as he can no longer hear the voices and people's suffering since losing his childhood friend Raven/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) to Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

The focus of the film is largely on Mystique as she becomes the catalyst to changing the future because of her plan to assassinate the Sentinels creator Dr. Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage). To track down Mystique, Logan, Xavier and Beast seek help from Magneto who is currently imprisoned at the bottom of the Pentagon for allegedly killing JFK. To break him out, they find Peter Maximoff (Evan Peters) aka Quicksilver who is cheeky and brings an element of comedy to his scenes which isn't at all cheesy or clich├ęd and essentially steals the show. After that, it becomes a race against time to stop Mystique, find Xavier's hope again and prevent the disastrous future that looms ahead. 

It is a heavy time travelling, science fictional, plot heavy movie. Lots of credit must be given to Bryan Singer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg as they balance those parts with easy flow and little confusion. The film does a brilliant job of keeping the storyline clear and easy to follow although there are times where you can feel confused as it does hop through the different time frames as when Wolverine and his team are battling to stop Mystique their future selves are still battling the Sentinels.

The whole "in the bleak future" scenario does get a bit repetitive throughout the film but perhaps this is so the audience does get the general, basic idea of why everyone's doing what they're doing and the storyline isn't forgotten because it does actually work and keeps the momentum going. It's also a bit unbelievable that the younger versions of the X-Men believe Logan so easily about him being from the future.. but as this is mutants we are talking about, anything is possible!

Days of Future Past gives each of its core crew of characters something vital to do. It's actually very smart that Jennifer Lawrence is given the biggest role as being the one everyone depends on for the future and it gives more depth to the character as within the last three X-Men films she is seen as the evil, cold-hearted sidekick of Magnetos without finding out the reason for her hatred for the humans. Lawrence hadn't even filmed the Hunger Games or won an Oscar when she went to sign on to star in three X-Men films. Also the arc of Xavier's transformation from a hopeless young man to a leader full of hope embodied by Patrick Stewart is moving, emotional and makes the audience really connect to the character and believe. However one of the big stars, Halle Berry aka Storm, wasn't involved much considering she is one of the favourites but apparently during the entire filming she was pregnant so was unable to join in as much as she might have if circumstances were different. Nevertheless the scenes she did have were action-packed, emotional and.. jarring, shall we say.

The action sequences are nothing short of action, suspense and excitement. The action starts off with the future falling to the Sentinels straight through to the Paris standoff with the climactic battle in Washington D.C. The Pentagon prison break sequence is absolutely remarkable with a nice balance between humour, visual effects, the characters and the suspense.

The only criticism I have is how boring Peter Dinklage's character Bolivar Trask is really. Although played by an incredible actor, Trask never really gives off the evil image that a villain should have despite the fact everything he does is setting up the crucial future of the X-men. His scenes don't really connect with the audience and doesn't fill them with fear but only with anticipation to see the next scene of an X-Men character.

This was the best film from the X-Men franchise since the second one, there is no comparison to the others at this point. You leave the theatre with anticipation and excitement for the next one.. and I simply can't wait for X-Men: Apocalypse.

Oh and because it's a Marvel film.. naturally, you must stay until the post-credits scene!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Film Review: Godzilla (2014)


So I saw Godzilla last night and I really, really liked it! It was suspenseful, intense, exciting and thrilling.

Here's a bit of background for those who don't already know about this new film.. Obviously a reboot from the Godzilla film franchise, it is directed by Gareth Edwards and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston. One of the most famous monsters in the world battles against malevolent creatures that thrive on humanity's scientific mistakes (without giving too much away!) while as usual, threatening the very existence of the human race.

Straight away the movie opens with an amazing yet complicated prologue which sets up what is going to be at the centre of the movie with the underlying story of an emotional father and son relationship. A nuclear physicist Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) tragically loses his wife in the events of 1999 where a mysterious disaster struck at the nuclear plant he worked at in Japan. The film quickly shifts 15 years on where Joe is now alienated by his grown up son, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who is a father, husband and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert living in San Francisco.

It's a predictable storyline that his father is obsessed and haunted with what happened in Japan, demanding that the tragedy was not a natural disaster but something much more. Ford flies to Japan to help him and is confronted with his past while dealing with his obsessive, disturbed father. Eventually, Cranston's character convinces his son to enter the irradiated forbidden zone to find out the truth and a discovery shows that Joe Brody was right all along with some fantastic visual effects for the first monster of the film. Cranston's acting is superb, touching and poignant all the way through the beginning of the film but when tragedy strikes again, the POV is shifted to Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character. 

The film holds back the revealing of Godzilla until nearly an hour in after almost half of the film being full of teases of the fight with his new monstrous enemy, a giant insect parasite called MUTO (which I thought looked rather silly and not very monster-like.. it actually reminded me of the Cloverfield monster). But when it does actually come to seeing Godzilla in full length for the first time, it is indeed terrifying yet exciting when he releases that trademark roar directly to the camera almost making the audience's seats tremble.. a brilliant move by Gareth Edwards.

The music was incredible and helped bring the ominous, tense atmosphere and Godzilla's entrance to life. Film composer, Alexandre Desplat, having worked previously on The King's Speech, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the final two Harry Potter films, had never worked on a monster film before. Impressed by a previous film by Edwards, Desplat stepped up to the mark and really brought Godzilla to life. He describes the soundtrack as "non-stop fortissimo, with lots of brass, Japanese drums, and electric violin." and I will just say, it works very well!

The few criticisms I do have are things that can be brushed aside as the film is really about the well known monster himself but if you were really paying attention to the storyline as I was, you may well possibly feel like I do. When Bryan Cranston's POV is shifted to Aaron Taylor-Johnson's, this where I felt the plot started to sag a little. I didn't believe in the character Ford Brody at all.. Aaron's acting was quite wooden, boring and didn't quite capture your attention. His tale was the usual, cliched storyline.. fighting his own personal battle to get back to his family while apparently being the only person who can save the world from destruction from three monsters. It just didn't work for me this time in such a massive film. After all, it was the same generic type of story that I've seen 30 films before. It was overshadowed very easily and just seemed to help move the film along until Godzilla entered.
Not only that, I would've liked to have seen Godzilla alot earlier in the movie as there was alot of talking and focus on the MUTO rather than its titular monster. Also there was not really a clear explanation, I felt, how Godzilla originated and although there are some attempts in the film as to how he came about to save civilization from these two monsters I still left the theatre confused as to why they would keep him such a secret all these years and how he never damaged anything in the all years before the MUTO came along. However the special effects and creature design were fantastic and brought it back to its original appearance (although the Japanese think he's too fat to be Godzilla in this film!). When it came down to some good old monster fighting, Edwards didn't fail to deliver. You are sitting, holding breath as you see Godzilla try to fight his enemies while buildings crash down around them.. perfect for those action film lovers like myself.

Also, I don't know if this is me being a feminist or just bored with the usual main character being a guy.. there was such a lack of girl power! I mean, come on, as usual they put the main character as the typical white, 20-30 something year old man with his wife as being a screaming, hysterical mother who runs round doing nothing really. But I have to give some credit to Elizabeth Olsen though because in some of her scenes, she displayed some great acting and played a realistic part of a woman, a mother, a wife trying to keep it together for the sake of her family as well as for herself.

There has already been rumours of a sequel as Godzilla fans will know that there are a number of monsters that Godzilla fights but no confirmation of this has been found yet. Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already said he would love to be in another Godzilla film.. however I don't think I will be as excited to see him in another unless they give him a more dramatic, different storyline. Also I demand more women in the next one!

The film has already been a huge success, passing $100 million and is currently the number 1 film in the world. Will X-Men: Days of Future Past overthrow it? I will review that soon also! 

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Harry Potter Spin Off 'Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them' Premier Date Announced!


We have news, Potterheads! We have a release date from Warner Brothers and it's going to be premiered on the 18th of November 2016. 

This is based on a book Hogwarts students are supposed to read within their first year and it's about a famous magizoologist called Newt Scamander. It is set around 70 years before Harry Potter so no familiar faces like Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint or Emma Watson will be in this movie but the author of the original books, J.K. Rowling, will be writing the feature. This will be her first attempt at writing a screenplay which is a major achievement. The producer of all eight Harry Potter films, David Heyman, will also be working on the film which can only mean good news from here on out!

The film will be one of three movies Warner Bros. topper Kevin Tsujihara announced. Like The Hobbit franchise with three 'mega movies' he wants Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them to be a trilogy too. There hasn't been any news on who will direct the film as of yet but I think it's going to be great either way.

The magic hasn't ended yet!

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

R.I.P Stephen Sutton.

Stephen Sutton
"A courageous, selfless, inspirational son.."

I am so sad to hear that Stephen Sutton has died. He died peacefully in his sleep as his mum said on the Facebook page.
He was only 19 but he was able to raise more than £3 million for charity using social media.

If you don't know about Stephen already, he was diagnosed with metastatic bowel cancer at the age 15 and it was terminal. However, he made a 'bucket list' of things he wanted to do before he died. He got to skydive, played the drums in front of a huge crowd before the Uefa Champions League final at Wembley etc. He was back in hospital on Sunday though after having difficulties breathing which turned out to be caused by the regrowth of tumours..

Sadly, his mum posted on Facebook, earlier today: "My heart is bursting with pride but breaking with pain for my courageous, selfless, inspirational son who passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday 14th May. The ongoing support and outpouring of love for Stephen will help greatly at this difficult time, in the same way as it helped Stephen throughout his journey. We all know he will never be forgotten, his spirit will live on, in all that he achieved and shared with so many.


His mom x"

This post was shared over 120,000 times (myself included) within an hour of being posts and more donations were given on his online fundraising page, set up in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, the minute the news of his death spread. Apparently the campaign total has risen by £60,000 and possibly even more by now. His original goal was to get £10,000 but his campaign went viral after his posted a selfie online and it attracted media and celebrity attention from the likes of Jason Manford who said Stephen "was the most inspiring person I've ever met and touched more lives than he will ever know. He was an incredibly positive young man and a credit to his family, to Burntwood and to humanity itself." Various other celebrities have paid tribute like the comedian Ricky Gervais and TV presenter/Big Brother winner Rylan Clark.

I'm genuinely saddened to hear his about his death as I have been following it from the beginning via Facebook. He seemed like a warm soul and a genuine caring person. I can't believe he was the same age as me and now he's now longer here, it makes you feel incredibly lucky. He was fantastic in the time that he had, making sure he raised money and ticked things off his bucket list. 

Stephen, you brought the best out of everyone in the little time you had and raised money that can now save a lot of people's lives. Your spirit and legacy will always be remembered. R.I.P <3

Please, if you haven't already, get involved and donate like I have to the Teenage Cancer Trust in Stephen's memory and for others to have a better chance at surviving.

Text TEEN to 70300 to donate £3.
Or send your payable cheques to:
Teenage Cancer Trust
93 Newman Street

(There are more options there also on how to donate.)

Thankyou for reading.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Song Of The Day.

I. Am. In. Love. With. This!

This is Ed Sheeran with his song All Of The Stars for the film The Fault In Our Stars.

The film is an adaptation from John Green's original fantastic novel.

I love this song so much and I have literally had it on repeat everyday. 

I am a huge Ed Sheeran fan and literally have every song he has done because his voice and music are just amazing.

I can't wait to see the film also! 

Hope you enjoy the music aswell.


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Makeup Review: 32 Colour Eyeshadow Palette In Lovely Day By Accessorize.


This is probably one of the best eyeshadow palettes I own. The packaging is so cute with the leopard and rose print and it's the same on the inside with a small mirror, making it look really attractive and it's probably one of the factors that influenced me to get this product.

It has 32 different colours from deep to soft, warm to colourful, daytime to nighttime to create any type of look you want on your eyes. There three different finishes; matte, satin and shimmery so you have quite a choice of what you want.

In the tray, there's mainly neutral colours that form the basis of a look; you have base colour nudes, bronze-type browns, the greys and blacks for that smoky look, a few bold bright greens and blues with a few purples too. 

I love the pigment of the shimmery shadows but the matte and shimmery ones need quite a few layers and blends of other colours (some effective eyeshadow primer is always a good idea too!) for them to stand out properly on your eyes depending on what kind of look you are going for. I love how there is literally every colour for what you want from neutral daytime looks to party/classy looks for the nighttime. Regardless of your skin colour, every colour and look you can create stands out.

A few minor problems I found is that if you have oily eyelids they might limit the lasting ability of the eyeshadow, I sometimes have this problem as I've found out at the end of the day or a night out, I get panda eyes! It does depend on whether you have used some effective eyeshadow primer and/or base beforehand and these eyeshadows do work alot better with some sort of base (I use primer, which I may review in the future). If you need more tips, I would recommend using a wet brush technique or a primer/base as aforementioned for the best colour pay off and again, any matte and shimmery finishes need a fair few layers to show up on your skin. You can continuously build up the colour and add some to your waterline to create a stronger look although it can smudge or wipe away easily after a few hours. This does depend on how bold or neutral you want your look though so you can work this out along the way as I did. There is quite alot of 'fallout' from the eyeshadows as you apply them so I would either create your look before applying any skin products (i.e. foundations, blush etc.) or like I do, put some sticky tape or sellotape at the corners of your eyes and this can help create a 'cat eye' look and catch any eyeshadow that doesn't stick to your eye (tip: when using sellotape on your eyes, use your fingers to remove some of the stickiness as it is a sensitive area around your eye and always put it under your eyelashes so you don't pull any lashes off when removing it!).

This is a perfect eyeshadow palette for people trying out new looks and experimenting with eyeshadow layering and blending. I did buy this on impulse and I am so glad I did as it has lasted me this long and helps me experiment with different colours and looks rather than my usual go-to smoky eye look. As I am only still learning how to become better with my makeup, this product was a real bargain at £8.95 (I bought it at Superdrug price) and you don't often get a rich and strong pigmented and colourful palette like this under a tenner!

You can buy it from the Accessorize shop and website:,acc_5.6/2032649900

Available also in Superdrug and online at £8.95.

I hope you enjoyed my review and buy it for yourself!

Thankyou for reading.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Film Review: Captain America, The Winter Soldier.

I realise this review is a bit late as this film came out almost two months ago but I just had to review it!

I haven't said this here before but I am a huge Marvel fan and will watch any film they make. I saw this back in Portugal and instantly fell in love with it. I saw it again when I was back home in the UK and found bits I had missed before which made it even more better. Unlike majority of Marvel fans, I did actually like the first Captain America which built up its storyline of how Steve Rogers came to be America's hero with super strength and a super jawline to go with it..

This sequel, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, saw Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans trying to fit in this new modern world after the battle in New York with The Avengers by living in Washington D.C. However (without giving too much away!) there is a conspiracy going on in S.H.I.E.L.D so he enlists the help of Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Sam Wilson aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie) to figure it all out while being faced with a mysterious, formidable assassin known as the Winter Soldier.

The film was another marvellous Marvel movie! See what I did there?

The plot was easy to follow and I can't say too much without giving away the whole thing. Let me just say, there are a few plot twists that are pretty shocking and leave you with so many questions.. and also who exactly is the Winter Soldier? Unfortunately Tumblr spoiled it for me before I saw it so I knew who it was going to be but the film hints along the way who it could be and it does seem pretty obvious before the big reveal but it's still an emotional, tense scene.

There were a few parts which brought tears to my eyes because of the incredible acting by Chris Evans and others. However I do have a love/hate relationship with the Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson purely because at times she's very cocky and just overall annoys me at times but some of her fight scenes are just too badass to ignore. Girl power!

The ending brings up so many questions which leaves you longing for the next film.. which is 2016, I believe.

So Marvel fans everywhere, if you haven't already, go and see it! Even if he's not your favourite superhero/avenger.. his storyline links up with so many things that are going to lead other avenger films on.

Oh and if you don't already know by now, as it is a Marvel movie.. there's two post-credit scenes! 


Thankyou for reading.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Song of the Day

I am in love with Bastille right now. Dan Smith's voice is just literally gold dust to my ears.. if that makes any sense.

This is Bastille's cover of "Angels" by The xx and "No Scrubs" by TLC featuring Ella.

It is a stunning cover as I do like both of the songs Angels and No Scrubs. The lyrics are fantastic and the flow of the simple music makes it all really work.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Film Review: Only Lovers Left Alive.

Only Lovers Lefts Alive Poster

I just recently watched this and I have to say I was sort of half disappointed but also half enjoyed it.

I am a big fan of Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton and John Hurt. But before I give you my review, I'll give you a little bit of background of the story:

It is a another vampire story but not one with sparkly men or werewolves falling in love with newborn babies... It's much more gothic and dark. It's directed by Jim Jarmusch. It's about two vampires, Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton) who are in love and have been for an eternity and it's about their love for each other. And they contrast each other so perfectly with Eve being the laidback, in-love-with-life-and-nature one whereas Adam is a tortured, suicidal romantic who feeds his emotions through music which sounds as mournful as he does. Eve's younger sister comes along and disrupts literally everything much to Adam's annoyance. His sassiness is too much when it comes to her, I love it. It's literally filmed completely at night in the streets of Detroit and Tangier which gives it a more softer, gothic element.

At times I did feel the film was a bit slow paced but I figured that was the whole point but I did get a little bit bored at times which was unfortunate as I was looking forward for so long to watch this film and alot of people hyped it up but whether that is because Tom Hiddleston was in it or they genuinely enjoyed it, which is of course is their opinion in their own right. I did love the film at times because the music flowed perfectly throughout each scene and it was a dark comedy at times which I loved.

“Life is about surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness and friendship.. and dancing.”

I particularly loved this scene where Eve forces Adam to dance with her. The music, the movements from the pair of them just melted into one perfect scene and the incredible acting from Hiddleston and Swinton make the love between Adam and Eve seem real and genuine and true.

So if you're a Tom Hiddleston fan, like myself, I do recommend this, his portrayal of such a flawed character is incredible. But even if you're not, I still think you should watch it because it's such a different kind of vampire film rather the ones we're used to. It really goes back to the gothic roots of the original vampire image/mythology and the real struggle they have to keep up with their blood intake. 

So I was half disappointed but perhaps I am just used to vampire films being action packed but I did love it at the same time but that's because of Mr Hiddleston I must admit and Tilda Swinton's divine beauty.

Thankyou for reading.

Also enjoy these (parts I REALLY enjoyed) that should make you check out the film!