Thursday, 30 October 2014

Skin Product Review: Simple - Eye Make-up Remover.

So I said I would review Simple's Eye Make-up Remover after reviewing Simple's skincare range (which you can see here if you want to). I have to say I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be even though I've used their skincare products for a couple of years now.

Simple state that this product 'effectively removes even waterproof mascara' and is 'perfect for even sensitive eyes'. In their favour, the consistency of the product is pretty good. It's not greasy or oily, just really watery without any perfume or colour to it. They also have pro-vitamin B5 which 'actively restores, softens and smooths'. Also it does remove my eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner pretty well enough to satisfy me as I do wear those make-up products the most. 

Unfortunately it does not remove mascara very well at all. I have had enjoyed their skin cleansers, toners and moisturisers but this really let me down. I've been looking for something to remove my mascara effectively and this doesn't do well at all.

  When removing my eye make-up, I simply pour a little onto any cotton pads I may have (any brand will do) and rub very gently until I am content that all of my make-up has supposedly been taken off. At first my eyes do look like they're completely free of make-up and it gives me that fresh, clean feel which is always a bonus but when I wake up in the morning I have panda eyes! Somehow I still have remnants of mascara all around my eyes even though I don't use waterproof mascara or even that much stuff on my eyes.

So I suppose you could use it to remove eyeshadow or eyeliner but regarding mascara, I don't think you'll be pleased. Not only that, others have complained of stinging in their eyes due to having sensitive eyes. I did not experience this myself but please be beware of this if you do want to try this product out.

If you do, you can buy it at Boots for £3.49 or better yet, at Superdrug for £1.49.

Have you tried this product out already? What did you think of it?
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Album Review: Betty Who - Take Me When You Go.

I am completely in love with Betty Who. The singer-songwriter from Australia has created various amazing EPs for the last five and a half years and now she's finally released a full length album called Take Me When You Go and as expected, it didn't disappoint.

Working with long time producer Peter Thomas, Betty's (real name Jessica Newham!) album is 13 tracks long and full of wonderful, crazy dance beats especially from the fabulous Somebody Loves You which went viral after being used for a gay couple's proposal. As well as the upbeat songs, there are ballads that slow things down and shows off her vocal talent perfectly.

This was hard but these are my four favourites:

Heartbreak Dream
I first heard this great song from a Youtuber named Tyler Oakley after he used this song for one of his videos. I was instantly in love with it and had it on repeat every single day for about two weeks, I think I even talked about it on my old series of posts called Song Of The Day. I can't emphasise how moving the lyrics are while being paired with a fabulous dance beat.

All Of You
This song is ridiculously good too. It's one of those you listen to as you get to ready to go out and party. Betty explains that this song is about 'loving someone with your whole heart and then despising them with every other part of your body.' This juxtaposition is extraordinary and you really feel her passion about hating that person but still wanting to be with them badly while perhaps also comparing your own experiences.

Somebody Loves You
This was the first single from the album and it came out quite a while ago but it never really took off like it should have. The beat and again, the lyrics really force you to just dance around your room and express your love for whoever however you want to. And it doesn't necessarily mean being in love with a guy or girl, it can mean loving anyone who makes you happy; your parents, your pet, your best friend, whoever you want it to be about.

California Rain
This track really surprised me! After being used to the dance beats pumping through the album, this was astoundingly soulful and poignant. As well as creating flawless metaphors for songs about your crush, she shows us that she still has incredible vocals. Take away the dancing and party beats, she evokes all sorts of emotions through this touching song.

Betty Who has said in the past that she's been heavily influenced by '90s pop stars like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys and she definitely channels them throughout this album while also giving the genre a new, fresh look. Not only that, she is going to be Katy Perry's opening act on her Australian tour! With this album, she is sure to blow minds. She may not be on our radios right now but she sure is one to watch!

Here's a few songs from the album to listen to if you want to:

Have you listened to this album? What did you think?
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Theatre Review: The Full Monty.

No one can say no to seeing a group of men strip on a Monday night which is what I did last night at the Empire Theatre. This play was so much fun to watch and really hilariously entertaining.

A bit of background first though.  Written by Simon Beaufoy (from his original screenplay for the 1997 film version), The Full Monty is a comedy play telling the story of six unemployed men from Sheffield, England who come together to perform a male striptease act for one night only in the hopes of earning enough money to get the main character Gaz to be able to see his son as well getting somewhere in life. The film version of The Full Monty was hugely popular earning over £160 million in global box office receipts, making it the highest grossing film in the UK at the time. Not only that it was nominated for a fair few Academy Awards and Bafta Awards.

I enjoyed this play so much and not just for the obvious reasons! After being a cinematic hit 17 years ago, The Full Monty is still a major hit even with a few tweaks in the script from Simon Beaufoy so the play could fit to the stage. This isn't a musical, mind you, no this is just a simple talked out play with a string of songs to accompany the scenes. You Can Leave Your Hat On by Tom Jones was, let's just say, a very memorable song that fitted well with the final scene!

The first 45 minutes did drag a little bit and was saturated with exposition, building the foundation of the actual story. But this isn't actually too bad as it allows you to explore each character and find out what their background story is. The characters were Gaz (Gary Lucy, he was looking fine might I add!), Dave (Martin Miller), Lomper (Bobby Schofield), Gerald (Andrew Dunn), Horse (Louis Emerick) and Guy (Rupert Hill). They all played their parts pretty well from the hilarious first-dance-rehearsal-scenes right down to the sorrow of each individual as they struggle with unemployment and their own self-worth.

The only problem was that the sound wasn't very good at times as for some reason the production is relying on various stage microphones positioned in random places rather than the actors wearing head microphones. Due to this, you couldn't always hear what people were saying and the microphones picked up the odd clanking sound and scuffle of shoes rather than voices which was exasperating and off-putting.

However the play didn't fail to deliver their message of pure heart and hope. But in the end there was no need for dialogue as the famous finale made the whole room explode in cheers, clapping and singing as the men stripped right down to glorious, red thongs before then ripping those off too!

Absolutely fantastic for their first night, just a slight shame about the sound every now and then but it's so worth a watch. Go and see it!

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Film Review: Annabelle (2014).

This is the film everyone is talking about and I have to say this film scared the hell out of me! It is the spin-off and prequel to The Conjuring where Annabelle first terrified everyone. Now I haven't seen The Conjuring yet (I'm still scarred by this film!) and my friends inform me that this is actually good because it'll make sense when I do see it. 

Before we get into the review, let's have a bit of background. Directed by John R. Leonetti and produced by James Wan, Annabelle is actually based on a true story about a real haunted doll that is locked up in an occult museum in Connecticut only to be visited by a priest twice a month who blesses her. As aforementioned Annabelle is the prequel to The Conjuring and this film takes you all the way back to the start before the evil was unleashed. A man called John Form finds a special, vintage doll and gives it to his pregnant wife, Mia who seemingly collects rare dolls and is blown away by the beauty that is.. Annabelle. But her happiness doesn't last long after one horrific night, the couples' home is broken into by members of a satanic cult who attack Mia and John violently. Blood is spilled and one drop falls onto Annabelle's face, becoming the catalyst of the evil that haunts the family for the rest of the film.

Now can I just say before I even review the film that I am genuinely terrified of dolls. Even if it's not a horror film, if I see any kind of doll I will scream. And this film did not fail to deliver the hysterical screams that erupted out of me. Annabelle definitely earned it's prequel status and the film carries itself just fine regardless of The Conjuring's reputation. It wasn't at all over-the-top and the storyline was okay and easy enough to follow for 98 minutes. The camera work was stunning and moved effectively and caught just the right amount of tension in each scene.

I can't really criticise the film that much because it was scary and creepy enough to keep the jumpy parts coming over and over again whilst building up the story which would eventually lead to The Conjuring. The cast was pretty good although the acting was a bit stiff and wooden at times especially from Ward Horton who played the husband. Annabelle Wallis who played Mia (scarily named the same as the doll!) is very strong as the lead role. Alfre Woodard (Evelyn) was also great in her small role and made her short scenes memorable. But the doll, Annabelle, clearly outclassed all of her human co-stars and brought the eeriness and scares without resorting to cheap gimmicks.

It certainly made me lose sleep considering I have a porcelain doll somewhere in the house! Definitely a must watch especially with Halloween is coming up!

Here's the trailer:

Have you seen it already? What did you think?
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Makeup Review: Kiko Makeup Milano Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick In Passion Red & Dark Berry.

Hey there. I've been so unwell so I haven't been posting anything for about a week or so but I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to review and show you two of my absolute favourite lipsticks - Kiko's Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick in 607/Passion Red and 614/Dark Berry.

I have been in love with this brand ever since my friend bought me some of Kiko's products as Christmas presents last year during her year abroad. They sell fabulous make-up for the price that comes with it. I haven't used much of their facial products (except for the foundation which I also reviewed - see here). But they have a huge variety in colours and textures in their cosmetic ranges, so worth checking out!
These two lipsticks are described by Kiko as 'an ultra-silky, virtually "weightless" texture that unveils unexpected moisturising and soothing qualities' and they are so right! When applied, the lipsticks feel so creamy and soft. They're both fairly pigmented for that high coverage effect and they're also both full of K2 repulp which is a plant extract that allows moisturising and plumping, your lips looking strong and healthy and also includes ageing prevention. It is also hypo-allergenic which is obviously always a good thing. I'm not sure if it does prevent aging personally but if you're interested in that kind of thing, then this could be perfect for you.

They both glide on perfectly and they're easy to apply either by themselves or with a lip brush. There are 15 colours available, all suitable for skin types.

This is the first one in 607 - Passion Red and isn't it gorgeous? You just can't go wrong with a red lippy. It is a darker, more pink based kind of red. However it isn't this pink when you apply it to your lips, it's more of a sophisticated red when actually on you. This colour really exudes classiness and elegance, it's perfect for any evening/nights out.

Now this one in 614 - Dark Berry is another perfect one for me as I have said I do like my dark lipsticks. It has great pigmentation and I'm completely in love with it. It gives you a great bold lip without being too much. You can wear very little on your eyes and with this on your lips, you'll set it off your look completely. Perfect for those autumn/winter days.

Both of these lipsticks give that matte look but both remain creamy and soft and last for hours and hours. Sometimes you may need a slight touch up or a lip brush to go any faded lines. But other than that, they're perfect for a long night or day ahead of you.

Can I also just say the packaging is so cool? It's so chic and alluring. It makes it look like a really high end brand of lipstick when it only comes to £6.90 each! I was a little confused when I first received it and struggled to open it at first but once you push the indented top, the lipstick pops out at the bottom which I think is just exciting and new. I love how the outside and inside are covered in two different shades of gold and how you see a rainbow effect when the outside casing catches the light. Very unique. 

The only sad thing is is that we don't have Kiko shops here in the UK apart from London and one in Leeds I saw a few weeks back but thankfully you can order online from their website:
I hope they open up a shop nearer to me soon!

As I said these lipsticks cost a decent £6.90 and you really do get your money's worth. So check them out here and get yourself one! 

Have you ever tried these? What did you think of them?
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Skin Product Review: Garnier - Micellar Cleansing Water.

I have recently been trying to branch out and try other skin products because I have been using the Simple range for a long time now (which I also reviewed here) and I just felt like a change. So in this post I'm reviewing the Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier after it came so highly recommended from YouTuber/Make-up Artist Lauren Curtis after I watched her 'Get Unready With Me' video using it and reviewing it herself. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water comes in a generous 400ml bottle, ready for you to use up to 200 times. It's suitably created for the face, eye area and lips and it is for all skin types and is simply designed for sensitive skin. Obviously it is used to remove make-up while leaving a soothing, refreshing feel to your skin afterwards. There are micelles that act like magnets which lift away make-up and dirt without you needing to vigorously rub which can damage sensitive areas, especially around the eyes.

All you have to do: apply the product to a cotton pad and wipe your face, eyes and lips until you feel satisfied all the make-up has been removed. 

Well I'm actually pretty pleased that I got this product! It removes so much more of the make-up I thought I had gotten rid of and it leaves my skin feelings soft and smoother than ever. It removes eye make-up so well, it's heavenly. The packaging looks fairly simple and cheap with a cute pink lid. It's hypo-allergenic as well which is a bonus. This is also fabulous to use when you're coming home from a night out and you're too tired (or drunk!) to remove all of your make-up, you just dab a bit on a cotton pad and remove as much as you can. I know I'm not the only one who has gone to bed with my make-up still on many a time after a night out!

However I have hit some bumps with this product. It says it has no perfume to it but I have noticed some sort of funny scent to it when applying it to my face which I don't like very much at all. It can be quite drying to my skin (which is oily) but I do solve this by using my Simple moisturiser afterwards anyway. Not only that, I've had quite a few acne breakouts recently and I don't know if this is due to this product, my skin or something else but it seems to worsen every time I use it so at the moment I'm taking a break from it. When I start using it again, hopefully I won't have this problem.

So as I say I do like and dislike this item for many reasons but I do think it's worth giving it a try if you're looking for something new.

You can find them at Boots and Superdrug, whichever you prefer, for £4.99 although I do think it's on offer at the moment because I got it for a cheaper price very recently in Superdrug.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?
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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Makeup Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette 3.

So it's finally October, time for cold weather meaning I can finally dress up in lots of layers again! In this post I will be reviewing the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay which I have been waiting to get my hands on for years and see what all the hype is about.

I decided to go for the Naked 3 Palette because I felt the colours inside suited me more (especially for this season) and not only that pretty much every YouTuber/Make-up Artist I watch has one of these in their make-up collection. First of all can I just say I looove this case. It's a lovely rose gold metal with ridges indented across the outside. It contains 12 eye-shadows in variations of pink and brown and it also comes with a synthetic, dual-ended eye-shadow brush (blending and flat) which is probably one of the best brushes I've ever used. It's so soft, great quality and easy to use.

It also came with four sample packets of their primers: Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-Aging which you can see below:

 I've only used Original so far and you can definitely tell the difference when you use it. It allows your eye-shadow to stay in place and keeps the colour bright and lively.

It's a really lovely palette, perfect for me.

There is (from left to right) Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.
I've tried them all and they've all stayed on for just over eight hours without creasing or fading. They're so pigmented, very blendable and easy to use and build up. Darkside and Factory are my favourites so far. Some of them you have to use a fair few layers with to build up a decent look. 

The only one I had a problem with was Dust. Dust was probably the worst as it had quite a lot of fallout so I can't really use it on its own as a shadow. I also don't like the highlighting shade, it isn't as light reflective as I'd like it to be.

But other than that, I really love this palette and I am so glad I finally have it in my make-up collection! If you're questioning whether to get it or not like I was, you should, it's so worth the money I promise.

I know I didn't do swatches but if you want to see what each one looks like then just Google it, you can easily find some there.

Have you tried this palette? What do you think of it?
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