Sunday, 27 September 2015

Organise your makeup!

Happy Sunday afternoon, everyone! 
Now I don't know about you but I feel so much better when everything is organised and clean. However, I am a lazy person and I leave everything in a mess everywhere! But once I get round to it, I actually love having everything sorted and organised. Especially when it's things I use everyday like make-up!

Now, usually I have eyeliners and lipsticks all over the place.. in my bags, boxes, on a table somewhere. I didn't have it all in one place and that needed to change!

So I got my act together and sorted through all of my make-up. I had a massive clear out and threw out make-up that was years old or not used anymore. If anyone has any recommendations on what to do with make-up that has been unopened, then please let me know. I'd love to donate make-up if directed to the right place (in the UK). 

I went online and found this lovely little make-up organiser on Amazon. 

It is made from clear acrylic and it's actually pretty good quality. It's small enough to neatly fit on your make-up table or chest of drawers. It comes with 12 lipstick holders and different compartments big enough for your foundations, powders, primers etc. It also comes with three drawers that fit most things in it, such as:

 Eyeliners (both glitter and normal), stick eyeshadows, eye pencils.

Mascaras, single eyeshadow and eyeliner pots.

Lipliners, lipglosses and lipsticks that don't fit in the holders.

It really is handy for keeping all of your everyday makeup together but it doesn't have much space to fit bronzers or contouring powders which I don't use. It also doesn't fit big eyeshadow palettes like the Urban Decay Naked palettes or anything that size. Small, single eyeshadow pots or anything like that are okay if you arrange them correctly. 

Curver Faux Rattan Dresser Storage Pot - Small (Perfect For Make-Up Brushes)
  I also bought a small pot for my brushes to keep those together as well. 

You can get the make-up organiser for just £25.99
& the pot for £3.90. 

Have you got something like this? How organised are you with your makeup?
Thankyou for reading.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Save School Meals!

Hello everyone, I have something a little different for you today. It's a bit of a more serious topic and will probably only apply to those who live in the United Kingdom but I would appreciate it if you would just take a few seconds to read this. 

So, as we all know, Great Britain's government are horrendous and coming down hard on those in serious need. Today's topic shows this even more so. 

That is George Osborne. This complete tool is apparently scrapping free meals for infant school pupils in his November spending review, it's been reported. Free school meals for all children between four and seven was introduced in 2014 by Nick Clegg, estimating that it would cut costs to parents by £400 per year, per child. 

Despite pledging to continue the policy in the 2015 Conservative manifesto, this government is actually now considering the cut according to sources. Famous chef and healthy eating campaigner, Jamie Oliver has called this possibility a 'disaster'. And he is so right. Not all parents can afford to give their children packed lunches every day and certainly even more so with the other cuts coming in!

I remember my own school days and how we got free school meals every day. I ate a packed lunch for most of my days and sometimes ate a free school meal. But I was lucky because I had two parents who worked their arses off to provide for me and my brother. Some of my classmates ate free school dinners every day but we all felt or "looked" equal to each other because we were all eating some kind of nutritious meal together. By taking free school meals away, you are potentially damaging children because their parents can't afford to give them a packed lunch everyday!

But, this cut hasn't been enforced yet and these are only reports of it possibly happening. However, this is where you can help out. There is a petition by Ben Whitehouse going around online at the moment and it's really picking up speed. I need you to sign it and help support free school meals for infant school children.

The government will respond if it gets more than 10,000 signatures.. and so far, it has just over 20,000! At 100,000 signatures, it will actually be considered for debate in Parliament. 

The signatures are rising every time I refresh the page but will it get to 100,000? I don't know. But it only takes a few seconds to help out and fill in your details. All of your details are private and will NOT be released anywhere, I promise. You will need to go to your email account and open the link that they send to you to make your signature counts. 

It ends March 2016 which isn't that far away considering we are three months away from 2016 already. Your signature could be the one that pushes it to 100,000!

So please, for your one good deed of the day, for a few seconds; help out some kids and sign it?

Thankyou for reading and even more so if you sign it.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Film Review: Paper Towns (2015).

Hey everyone, I spontaneously went to see Paper Towns the other day and I thought I'd give you all a review of it. Perhaps it can help you see whether it's worth watching or not. 

The Background
Paper Towns was originally written by John Green in 2008 and became this mystery, comedy-drama film directed by Jake Schreier. It is about a young boy called Quentin (Nat Wolff) who falls in love with his neighbour Margo (Cara Delevingne) who moves in across the road from him. Margo recruits Quentin to help her prank her friends who had betrayed her. Margo mysteriously disappears the next day and Quentin feels it is his duty to go and find her. With a few friends of his; Ben (Austin Abrams), Marcus 'Radar' (Justice Smith), Angela (Jaz Sinclair) and Lacey (Halston Sage) they all set off on the mission to find Margo using the clues she's left Quentin. 

My Thoughts
I'm in a bit of a predicament here because I haven't had the chance of reading the book before seeing the film and I always like to read books before the film adaptations so I know what they've missed out and what they've done right/wrong etc. Clearly, Paper Towns was made in the wake of the huge hit The Fault In Our Stars (which I also reviewed here) and there is even a cameo from a certain star from that film too. However, I have to say this film was one of the most blandest, weirdest and most boring films I have ever watched. I just didn't.. get it.  

There was a huge buzz around Cara Delevingne being cast as Margo but this model turned actress just did not impress me one bit. I didn't feel like she was bad at acting either but she didn't stun me with anything else either. She plays some kind weird rebel who just disappears literally half an hour in and becomes some sort of cliché rather than a girl who actually thinks and feels things. Possibly the result of being written by a male, I think.

The film just plods along with Quentin running around with puppy dog, loved up eyes looking for clues and dragging his friends on some ridiculous road trip to find her. It's portrayed to be some sort of comedy film.. I did not laugh at all once. One of Quentin's sidekicks, Ben, is seemingly placed in the film to throw out these one liners and act like some player who sleeps with loads of girls. He was not funny one bit and in all honesty, made me cringe for pretty much all of the film. 

The ending of the film was even worse and just left you thinking, was there even a point in making this book into a film? I think the answer is no. Clearly, The Fault In Our Stars was a big hit with young, starry-eyed teenage girls who believe in all the stupid cliché's and quotes from these books which they plaster all over their Facebook and Twitter so they made Paper Towns with the same hope. I just thought the whole thing was boring and pointless. Perhaps the book has something more to it but the film hasn't left me wanting to read it right now.

Here's the trailer

Have you seen this? What did you think of it?
Thankyou for reading.