Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Film Review: Captain America, The Winter Soldier.

I realise this review is a bit late as this film came out almost two months ago but I just had to review it!

I haven't said this here before but I am a huge Marvel fan and will watch any film they make. I saw this back in Portugal and instantly fell in love with it. I saw it again when I was back home in the UK and found bits I had missed before which made it even more better. Unlike majority of Marvel fans, I did actually like the first Captain America which built up its storyline of how Steve Rogers came to be America's hero with super strength and a super jawline to go with it..

This sequel, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, saw Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans trying to fit in this new modern world after the battle in New York with The Avengers by living in Washington D.C. However (without giving too much away!) there is a conspiracy going on in S.H.I.E.L.D so he enlists the help of Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Sam Wilson aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie) to figure it all out while being faced with a mysterious, formidable assassin known as the Winter Soldier.

The film was another marvellous Marvel movie! See what I did there?

The plot was easy to follow and I can't say too much without giving away the whole thing. Let me just say, there are a few plot twists that are pretty shocking and leave you with so many questions.. and also who exactly is the Winter Soldier? Unfortunately Tumblr spoiled it for me before I saw it so I knew who it was going to be but the film hints along the way who it could be and it does seem pretty obvious before the big reveal but it's still an emotional, tense scene.

There were a few parts which brought tears to my eyes because of the incredible acting by Chris Evans and others. However I do have a love/hate relationship with the Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson purely because at times she's very cocky and just overall annoys me at times but some of her fight scenes are just too badass to ignore. Girl power!

The ending brings up so many questions which leaves you longing for the next film.. which is 2016, I believe.

So Marvel fans everywhere, if you haven't already, go and see it! Even if he's not your favourite superhero/avenger.. his storyline links up with so many things that are going to lead other avenger films on.

Oh and if you don't already know by now, as it is a Marvel movie.. there's two post-credit scenes! 


Thankyou for reading.

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