Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Book Review: Looking For Alaska by John Green.

Hey everyone. I have a book review for you all today and this is a book I really, really recommend. I read it during my recovery from my operation and I fell in love with it. I love John Green for the obvious reason.. The Fault In Our Stars' book and film both blew me away and I'm planning to read almost every book he has. But Looking For Alaska is what I want to talk about today.

The Background
Looking For Alaska is about a boy called Miles Halter who leaves his home and starts his junior year at Culver Creek Preparatory High School. He is fixated on reading people's biographies and famous people's last words and Fran├žois Rabelais' last words - "I go to seek a Great Perhaps" - encourages him to go to boarding school at such a late age. There he meets his roommate Chip 'The Colonel' Martin, Takumi Hikohito and the whirlwind that is Alaska Young. Alaska Young turns Miles' life upside down and changes it forever through their complicated relationship.

My Thoughts
I loved this book so much. The characters are so funny, well-written and act just like teenagers by playing pranks, making bets and partying like most students. John Green shapes their character developments perfectly through the good times and the shocking turn of events. The layout of the book is so good as it labels the pages as 'before'/'after' and counts down to the tragedy through a number of a days, really building up the suspense.  

It's a really good coming-of-age story that doesn't come with a happy ending but allows the characters to each find closure in their own way and come to terms with the tragedy that occurs. John Green, as we know from The Fault In Our Stars, doesn't hold back and writes the novel in a raw, emotional and heartbreaking way with a fantastic pace that makes you never want to put the book down. It isn't your typical boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love story and John writes about loss, young love and growing up in a honest and brutal fashion.

You will feel ALL of the emotions; anger, sadness, happiness which'll make it a memorable book for you. You may not cry as much as you would do if you read The Fault In Our Stars but John doesn't fail to make us feel attached to Miles and Alaska and their friends.

Have you read this book? Can you recommend any others for me?
Thankyou for reading.


  1. Haven't had time to read, but I will note to add this to my kindle. Glad your recovery from your operation is going well.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

    1. I hope you enjoy it once you get round to reading it. Thankyou very much :) x

  2. I've read that, I love this book to!

    1. I'm glad you do! Thanks for checking out my review x

  3. John Green does it again!!!



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