Saturday, 13 September 2014

Album Review: The Script - No Sound Without Silence.

You have no idea how long I've waited for new music from The Script and once again they did not disappoint.

After a long list of sold out concerts, hit singles and multi-platinum albums, The Script have released their much-anticipated fourth album No Sound Without Silence at last and it is magical. Their other albums The Script (2008), Science and Faith (2014) and #3 (2012) were all top selling and I don't doubt this album will be the same. I love everything about this from its gorgeous artwork right down to the rich melodies from the three lads themselves.

Their beautiful song-writing and stunning melodies shine through yet again. Danny O'Donoghue's voice croons and powers through brilliantly as he plays the lead vocalist while Mark Sheehan plays guitar and Glen Power beats the drums, both providing wonderful harmonies. Every song is a masterpiece from the fist pumping anthems of It's Not Right For You, the hit single Superheroes and Paint The Town Green which maintains their unique rock sound before changing into the haunting, melancholy sounds of the piano in Flares and the poignant messages in Without Those Songs which leaves you swaying and singing from the heart.

I couldn't tell you which songs are my favourites because I love each song for a different reason but here's a few for you to listen to so you can enjoy it as much as me!

No Good In Goodbye

Paint The Town Green

Have you listened to the album yet? What do you think?

Please leave any of your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Laura, your blog is super cool and I love your reviews! I've been scrolling through and I was wondering if there was any follow button that I am blatantly missing because I would love to keep up with your posts! <3

    1. Aw thankyou! My follow button is bloglovin' on the right side of my blog but that's if you're connected to bloglovin. I also love your blog! Great posts. :) Thanks for checking it out. x

  2. Laura, usually I don't take the time to listen to songs but after I read your review I felt the desire. I have never heard them before, you are right they are amazing. I am going to have to take some time and listen to their other music too :)

    Thank you for you kind comment on my blog... I am following you on Bloglovin now... have a great day :)

    1. Oh wow, thankyou so much haha. That's really sweet. Glad you like their music, they really are great! Thanks for passing by!

  3. I love The Script so much and their new album is just great. Love this post and keep up the good work.


    1. They're amazing aren't they? Thanks for reading!


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