Friday, 1 August 2014

Skin Product Review: Simple - Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser.

As titled, I will be reviewing Simple's products which are; the cleansing lotion, their facial toner and the light moisturiser. I will tell you how well they work for me and how I use them in my daily routine. Hopefully you will be encouraged to use them yourself.

Simple is based in the United Kingdom and their claim to fame is that they are the "pre-eminent brand of skincare and toiletries products developed especially for sensitive skin." They are the No.1 skin-care brand in the UK. Their prices are fairly low and well within a budget, they are one of the least expensive cosmetic brands you'll find in the United Kingdom.

Now my skin is oily and I can suffer from spots daily and everything else I used to remove makeup with or moisturised with didn't help at all with my skin and sometimes even worsened its condition. So I came across Simple's products a fair few years ago and I haven't used anything else since! 

This is cleansing lotion from the Kind-To-Skin range. When I use this, I put about a grape-sized amount of lotion on a cotton pad and apply to both of my cheeks, my nose, my chin and my forehead. I wipe in circular motions all over my face and down my neck until all of the product has soaked in. I do this when taking off my makeup and I do this twice to ensure that all of my makeup is off my face. The only problem with this is that it does not remove eye makeup very well at all, I'm often left with panda eyes from my remaining mascara which I just usually take off with a makeup wipe. Simple does have eye makeup remover but I am yet to buy this and try it out but I will one day! 

This lotion is just fantastic really. It removes about 99.9% of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and very clean. When soaked in, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and it is in fact quite moisturising. Over a period of days, I could see the results and I could tell my face was not only feeling much cleaner but it was feeling more softer and less oily.

You can buy it here for £2.99!

 After removing my makeup with the cleansing lotion, I then move onto the facial toner. This product is really light and fragrance free. It is very watery which some people don't like but I actually don't mind this as all I do is put a few drops onto my cotton pad and apply it in the same circular motions I used previously. This has honestly made my skin feel that much tighter and more fresher than it did before. It really wakes my skin up and makes it ready for the day ahead.

You can buy it here for £1.99! 

To finish my routine, I apply this - the light moisturiser - with my hands.  As my skin can be oily, I tend to use this light one rather than the other moisturiser which is rich and more thicker. I don't think I'll ever stop using this, it's so great. Its consistency is a bit watery but it's perfect and just right for my skin. It absorbs and dries very quickly, leaving my face feeling soft and clean. It is not at all irritating or greasy, just the ideal combination for my skin.

You can buy it here for £1.50! 

Also if you want to know what type of cotton pads I use, they're just Superdrug's own cotton pads.


The only criticism I have is that the designs of the bottles are pretty bland but they are cheap so this isn't a big flaw for me as I am more interested in what's inside. Other than that, I am so glad I started and will continue to use these products as so far they are the best things for my skin. They have changed it dramatically and although I still break out often, they leave me feeling like my skin is clean and healthy.

If you want to check out more of Simple's range of skincare; facial washes, scrubs, wipes etc., you can do so here.

What do you think of these? Have you used them too?

Please leave any of your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thankyou for reading.


  1. Love your blog! It's really annoying that I tried the cleansing lotion by Simple and my skin felt really dry afterwards! I think I must have really fussy skin :-( It's so affordable though! Maybe I'll try some more products, to see if any of them work for me. x

    1. Thankyou! It's always best trying more of it because you never know you just find that one thing that just works. Hope you do find something! :) x

  2. Great post! I haven't tried this brand but I heard it's really cheap, so maybe I will :P
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC, g+, and bloglovin? Let me know on my blog :)

    1. Aw thankyou! Yeah it's always worth a try, especially as it's so cheap!

  3. This is a great post. As i just said on your other post, i never have tried any of this but i think i will now pick up the one or other product from it when visiting London. Your skin sounds pretty much like mine. If i may leave a recommendation, the La Roche Posay products have done wonders on my skin. I really break out waaay less and if i do then they have the La Roche Posay effaclar duo which treats them within one night. They have several ranges and i use the one for oily skin. They also have a stay mate moisturiser which is great. (can you tell i love this range? ;))

    1. Oh thankyou! That sounds quite good for my kind of skin actually, I'll give it a try that's for sure. Hahaha I can certainly tell you can! You can tell I like Simple's stuff haha. Thankyou for reading :) x


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