Friday, 18 July 2014

The Script Drop A New Album This September!

Oh. My. God.
The Script have just literally announced information about their new album in an exclusive interview with Google+ in a livestream! I am so, so excited! They are my favourite band ever and I have seen them live twice now.. and shamefully cried a lot aswell! 

For those who don't know who these are, The Script are an Irish rock band from good old Dublin (I can't resist Dublin accents!) and they formed back in 2001. The band is made up of three gentlemen and they are; Danny O'Donoghue (my favourite) who is the lead vocalist/pianist who also sometimes plays acoustic guitar in the live shows, Mark Sheehan - vocalist/guitarist and Glen Power who is the drummer. There is also sometimes a fourth man called Ben Sargeant who provides bass guitar for the band in the live shows. 

They have been brilliantly successful during their time in the charts. They have had three albums out and ALL of them have been in the number one spot in the UK and Ireland. Their first album titled The Script debuted back in 2008 which had two hit songs The Man Who Can't Be Moved and Breakeven (Falling To Pieces). In 2010 their second album Science & Faith, a personal favourite of mine, featured the hits For The First Time and Nothing; this album even entered the US Billboard 200 at number three. Their third album simply named #3 was again at number one with the hit song Hall Of Fame where they collaborated with Black Eyed Peas star Danny also appeared on The Voice UK, seasons 1 and 2, before leaving to bring back focus on the and create their new album!

In the livestream, the three lads looked nervous yet full of energy as they answered questions from fans around the world from places such as Holland, Africa, Ireland and the US. They were so sweet and when asked who their superheroes were, Glen said the fans were their superheroes and all of them passionately spoke of their love for what they call The Script Family and how close of a unit we all are by connecting through social media.

Excitingly, they revealed the new artwork (pictured above) and the name of the new album which is No Sound Without Silence. They spoke briefly about the detail of the artwork, what it represents and what we can expect from the album. Luckily I, alongside many others, got to hear 30 second snippets of a couple of songs from the album on the livestream and I have to say I did get a bit emotional (sad I know!) and I can feel that I will love this album very much, possibly more than the others.

The signal on my ipad was a bit patchy at times but I think I heard correctly when they announced that their new single Superheroes is out this Monday from 8am and the album itself will come out the 15th of September! I am so thrilled, I have waited for absolutely ages to hear something new from these guys and here we get a new single AND a new album date!

I hope, like me, you're a fan of this band because they are beyond unbelievable and they are absolutely stunning live. Both of my experiences were heavenly and were exactly everything I ever wanted and more. There is absolutely nothing for me on Earth, just yet, that matches that feeling of seeing your favourite, beloved band on that stage performing.

Also.. new album means a new tour surely!?

I hope so, I can't wait.

The single Superheroes - Monday.
No Sound Without Silence Album - 15th September.
Pre-Order details are yet to be available. 

Thankyou for reading.


  1. Love your blog missy......

    I'm super excited too Laura.....i'm sure they will tour again soon......can't wait!!!

  2. There is no feeling greater than a band you love announcing a new album!!! Hurrah!

    Corinne x

    1. There really isn't! Thanks for checking out the post. :) x

  3. When I first heard they were releasing a new album I didn't know what to do with myself! too. many. emotions. I'm so excited! asdfghjkl;
    Hopefully they have a new tour so I can see them live again and bask in the glory which is Danny O'Donoghue's beautiful voice.

    1. Omg I know I can't wait, their new single sounds so good. I listened to it on repeat yesterday, loving the new sound. And yeah I really want another tour ASAP which they'll hopefully do sometime next year. It always seems to be around march time when I get to see them so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It's always nice to hear from a fellow fan! Thanks for reading!


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